Ageless in America continues to serve two clients:  the  Leaders of organizations across all sectors of the American economy who employ or engage mature workers in order to sustain their competitive edge; the Mature Workforce that must learn new ways to work and to thrive in a vastly changed world of work.

Solutions for the Maturing Workforce & Changing Workplace
For Leaders of Organizations:
Ageless in America makes the hard business case to leaders of organizations that America cannot continue to effectively compete without the contributions of a skilled and educated generation, the Boomers.  We develop leader-focused products and services; create and present countrywide speeches and learning experiences to audiences of all sizes to help them gain an edge that promotes their organizations as well as their own professional, economic and societal success.

For the Mature Workforce:
Ageless in America makes the economic and societal case to the Boomers themselves that the dream of an American good life can only stand up in an economically challenged nation if most individuals learn to plan and develop strategies to ensure their continued competitiveness in a changed world.  Our coaching tools include products, services, books, newsletter, webinars and strategies to help them develop and retain their competitive edge.

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About Us:  Describes our areas of expertise from your point-of-view. Includes brief descriptions of complementary offerings by colleagues, associates and affiliates who lend us their expertise, from time-to-time, for your benefit. 

Products:  Details the content of our books, flash cards and emerging products that you may wish to purchase either singly or at preferred discount rates for orders over 25.  You will see recommendations and endorsements from other high-profile experts in the mature workforce space.

Services:  Lists and details current presentations, speaking engagements as well as live and virtual workshops, designed especially to meet your needs. All services are customizable. 

Newsletter:  Our free monthly newsletter reflects our research on your behalf.  Our resident S-AGE answers your questions and directs you to links that matter to increasing your knowledge about this workforce demographic. Our monthly newsletter also details our upcoming events in your neighborhood!

Reputation:   If organizations are valued by the work they have done and by the company they keep, this section will confirm our ability to be considered a partner in your efforts to remain competitive.

Contact us: We are here to respond to your needs as well as to provide customized solutions to the challenges you face.

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                           The Career Playbook Series

                                  Learn from Boomers' Real Life Stories About 
                                     Working in this New Time and Workplace 


        Plan "B" for Boomers & Beyond: 
         Learning...A Competitive Work Strategy
           The 50,000 Mile Mid-Career Checkup
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                          Network’s new book, LIVE
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