What to know about Employment Discrimination


There are many unfair office practices which companies normally overlook, and employment discrimination is one of these practices. This prejudicial act is not allowed by the federal law and employers practicing this crime are liable to financial penalties. Every employer needs to be that this vice involves a great deal of punishment to those offending the law.

Circumstances when employment discrimination occur

During employee hiring

When hiring employees, employers may be biased and discriminated other candidates so that they can favor those they are aligned to. This is the most common circumstance under which employment discrimination occurs.employee hiring

Termination of contracts

When terminating employees’ contracts, come may be paid their dues in full while others may not be paid for service and other benefits.

Recruitment and employee training

Even at the workplace, employers can choose the people to train and leave others on, and this amounts to discrimination.

Company promotion

Job promotions at work can be biased depending on who is on the employer’s side or whoever the employer chooses to give the job promotion.

Employers must know everything that pertains to employment discrimination. Otherwise, they can do something which could cross the line and get penalized. Employers have to be aware that although they are in higher positions, they need to pay respect to their employees’ rights. They have to practice unbiased decisions and fair judgment always.

Tips for employers to know if they practicing the right work etiquette

Be unbiased

Employers should never look at their employees based on their sex, age, nationality, religion, race, and disability as this may amount to employment discrimination.


When employees report complaints on discrimination at work, employers need to carry out investigations. This should not be taken personally, and judgments should not make based on any matter other than the legal matters involved.

Look for employment capabilities in decisions like termination

Every employer should look at the qualifications as well as capabilities of an employee when making decisions like promotion and termination otherwise if the employees are judged based on color, sex, religion, and disability of nationality, the employer can be penalized.

Do not use family background in making decisions

family backgroundEmployers should also never base any decisions on according to the family background of an employee. The employee’s family members need not take part and must not be the basis on which the employer makes for the employee.

Employment discrimination is common, and it is a big issue today, so it is good for employees to know their companies and be aware of practices going on the business. It is obligatory for them to know their rights to know when and how to defend themselves. It is also an obligation for the employers to let the employees know the regulations and rules which the company runs and the employer are the ones to initiate these rules.