Strategies for Planning your Career

Planning your career cannot be done once in your life, but it is usually a continuous activity that is done regularly at different staged of your career. Today it is not like it used to be in the eighties when career planning could be done once. Today professional tends to change careers every now and need to be informed of the latest career trends and employment. The following are some of the strategies for planning your career.

Be clear about objectives and goals

You should develop a clear path in front of your career then set a specific set of goals and objectives. The goals need to be achievable and realistic. It should also contain both short-term and long-term objectives. Keep reviewing as well as modifying the goals depending on your current realities and set new goals when the previous ones are accomplished.objectives

Know your accomplishments

Make a note of what you have accomplished in the past. This helps you to build a better resume and helps in your career planning. Most people tend to undervalue their accomplishments and can even forget all about them after some time. Reviewing your past accomplishments can reveal hidden secrets to future success in your career. Keep track of your accomplishments and also leverage them.

Look beyond job titles

Most people consider career a sequence of job titles with one succeeding the other. This approach worked in the past, but today these titles do not have the same relevance. Today jobs require a particular set of skills. Most careers have skills that are transferable. A reporter, for example, can easily be can be a non-fiction writer since both careers have skills such as research, writing, interviewing and editing which are transferable. Therefore you should focus your career planning on building specific skills sets and not ongoing from one title to another.

Create career opportunities

In the last decade, new career has come fore, and some old ones have become redundant. Therefore as a professional, you need to create your own career opportunities. Get to learn new marketable skills and have a unique way of selling proposition. You need to be on top of employment news and the job market changing trends to achieve this.

Keep learning

Always educate yourself and seek to learn new things. You can never tell when an opportunity will come your way due to these new things, marketable skills which you learn. Keep yourself updated with changes in technology in your field of choice.

Plan your career once annually

plan annuallyYou need to do your career planning regularly. Dedicate a weekend at the beginning of each year for the planning of your career. Ensure you are not distracted by anything and that you have all the time focusing on what you need out of your career and life. Map out the career path since your last planning. Take time to review your career and reflect on it as well. Be objective with the analysis.…