Top Tips for Preparing for GAMSAT

It is quite unfortunate that many students do not get the marks of GAMSAT they want. This is mainly attributed not being prepared. The following are some top tips to help you prepare for GAMSAT.

Be Positive

answering a testYou may not be a science graduate, or it is several years since you last studied. Well, you are not alone as many students faced the same problem and they are now medical doctors or students. The truth is that negativity does not get you anywhere. Instead, positivity gives you the much-needed power.

Be Ready to Work Hard

You should note that to succeed you need more than talent and positivity to succeed. You may be working extra hard as a medical student, do not expect your preparation for the entrance examination to be any different. It is consistent, regular effort that pays off. Thus, there is no shortcut to doing well in GAMSAT. A strategy is just one aspect; you cannot use it as a plan of attack.

Know What You Need to Know

It is advisable to download concept lists or summaries of books if you have some knowledge in the concerned subjects if you want to identify concepts and possible questions. When you have an idea as to the volume of knowledge needed, it will be less overwhelming and it can make your life quite easier for you to work and plan your time.

Know Your Weaknesses and Strengths

Are you good in analyzing graphs? Organic Chemistry? Rote Learning? Mathematics? You need to be honest in yourself about your weaknesses and strengths to take advantage and spend adequate time and resources to improve the weak areas.

Gather Resources

test checklistOnline videos, textbooks, practice materials, and preparation courses can be quite useful. You need to work out what suits you based on the learning style and background. Instead of reading textbooks and taking notes, you should instead focus on answering questions. If you find there is something you do not understand, and then get back to your resources. In this way, your reading will be far efficient and targeted. When starting, you should begin with basic questions.

Make a Plan

It is advisable to divide up the workload into different topics or concepts you want to cover weekly. Ensure you cover a given number of questions or topics instead of saying I want to work or 2 hours.…