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How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician is a professional who works in pharmacies and medical fields under the supervision of a certified pharmacist. Their primary tasks include work that does not require professional judgment of a qualified pharmacist. Some of the tasks include packaging, labeling medication, and measuring. Those that work in retail pharmacies take insurance information and prescriptions from customers, arrange consultations, and accept payment.

Training Required

patientUsually, the training needed of a pharmacy technician can differ from one state to another. However, all states require that technicians must complete a given training program. It can be a certificate, diploma, or associate degree program. Technical and community colleges provide the training. Some of the courses they take include pharmacy math, customer service, pharmacy computer applications, pharmacology, chemistry, and laboratory skills. Also, they may learn about pharmacy law and ethics, antiseptic techniques, records management, and medical vocabulary.

Licensure or Certification Requirements

Just like the training, licensure requirements vary from one state to another. Some states require the technicians to complete a given college education and pass, while others require registration with the state. Also, you may be required to pay a fee and also pass a criminal background.

Pharmacy Technician Salary

The average salary for pharmacy technicians is about $30,000. The top 10% earned over $42,000 and lowest 10% earned about $20,000. The technicians who worked in hospitals and care centers earned the highest amount.

Job Prospects

pharmacist at workIt is estimated that employment for the pharmacy technicians is likely to grow at 20% for the next three years. The fast growth is attributed to the aging population that requires a lot of care. Usually, as people live longer, they need more medication. Thus, increased access to health care and health insurance is likely to increase the demand for pharmacy technicians. If you want to become one, then you should seek the right training, education, and certification. When applying for a job ensure you read the pharmacy tech job description carefully. In this way, you will learn how much you can earn.

As noted above pharmacy technicians work in a wide range of fields. Therefore, your job is not limited to the retail pharmacies. You can look for openings in nursing facilities, outpatient care facilities, and hospitals. During your externship, you are likely to make contacts that can help you get a job upon graduation. Moreover, they can provide you with information about different job opportunities available.…

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Various Reasons to Learn and Speak English

It is a good idea to learn English. After all, it is the most spoken language in the world. A lot of countries have included English as the second language. This explains why students start to learn the language when they are young. Also, English is now the language of the web and you can learn Ingles en linea. This is because a lot of websites are written in this language. If you understand the language, you can take part in discussions and forums. The following are some of the top reasons you should learn English.

Lots of Job Opportunities

opportunitiesA lot of companies across the world require their employees to speak and write in English. In fact, in some companies, employees are required to use English only. Due to the world becoming a global village, it is vital that international businesses communicate more. This explains why everyone tries to communicate and learn English. It has now become a language that persons from different cultures and countries use to communicate with each other.

Become Better Educated

Other than the foreign language expanding your brain power, you can use this knowledge to learn a lot of things. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find English lessons. For instance, you can take them in a classroom or online. The truth is that there are several options out there. A class in English will help you learn about intonation, body language, culture, slang, and vocabulary. In addition, there are several works of literature, history, science, and social science written in English.

Easily Travel the World

learning english onlineIf you understand English, it will be easy to travel the world. This is because communication will not be an issue. Nearly in any country you travel, you can speak English. Although learning some few words of the local language, English can help you with travel details. Also, it is quite important for business. In big hotels, you will find employees who speak English. This is necessary to ensure customers get whatever they need.

Global Language

In the last two centuries, Great Britain wielded a lot of power. This resulted in the spread of English. This explains why English was spread through religious missionaries, slavery, trade, and war. History may not be sweet, but we can acknowledge that English is now spoken in all parts of the world. It is not possible to change what happened in the past, but it can be used as positive power to transform the future.…